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Tired of those forgettable, one-time-use trinkets from holiday crackers? Look no further for a festive solution! Transform your Christmas dinner table into something truly special with our 5 Sock Cracker Sets. Each set boasts five elegant 14-inch crackers, each brimming with high-quality socks, playful sock jokes, charming party hats, and exclusive discount codes. Give the gift of joy that keeps on giving – your loved ones will adore receiving a cracker that's not just a fleeting moment, but a delightful, reusable surprise! Available in one size (UK 5-11) and crafted from a luxurious cotton blend, our collection features both crew and mid-calf lengths for a touch of holiday comfort and style. Elevate your holiday tradition with the perfect blend of charm, laughter, and cozy elegance.

Luxury Christmas Cracker Socks Gift Set - Wrestling Collection

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  • We always recommend that our customers wash our socks on a cold wash with the socks inside out. Even though our socks are durable, they will last longer if they are hung to dry/air dried. This will help the socks to live longer and therefore, the earth to.

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