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We get it, you want socks which are so cool, you can pull up to any event and have people admire your socks, without Fishing For Compliments. That's right, we've master the sock and pun game in one go - you're welcome!


With a beautiful royal blue base and with some very happy yellow fishes, our "Fishing For Compliments" socks are the perfect socks to make you happy, think about the sea and to impress those around you - not bad for a pair of socks ey!


All of our socks are made from Egyptian cotton, which is extremely soft and luxurious - so soft it feels like you are walking on a cloud! Egyptian cotton socks have longer fibres than regular cotton socks, meaning that they are softer, more durable and kinder to your skin than regular cotton socks. The longer fibres also mean that our socks do not soak up moisture, so they will leave your feet feeling cool - seriously, what's not to love about these luxury socks?!


We design all of our patterns ourselves, so you can be sure that we only make funky socks, unique socks and bold socks! Given how amazing Egyptian cotton socks are, they are also the perfect socks for those with sensitive skin and for those needing a bit of extra durability in their socks (we don't judge because socks with holes in them are called holy)!


If you're loving what you have read about Our "Have You Sea-N My Socks" range, you can share that love with someone important, because these come in handwrapped ethical gift boxes, perfect as a gift for him!

Our "Fishing For Compliments" socks

  • 80% premium Egyptian cotton and 20% mixed fibres (14% polyester/polyamide, 3% spandex and 3% elastic).

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